Have You Been Rejected by Social Security Disability?

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Have You Been Rejected by Social Security Disability?

Many people who file for disability benefits through social security are rejected. When this happens, you may feel like your options are few and that you will not be able to pay your bills. I have been working with social security on behalf of clients for many years, and I understand why certain applications for disability are rejected and what you can do to be approved. This blog will help you understand the process of assessing a disability claim and specific steps you can take to increase your chances of being approved for disability payments. When you are hurt and cannot work, you may need legal help to get disability payments. This blog can help.


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Add Up The Costs To Take Care Of Your Home After An Injury

One of the best things about hiring a personal injury lawyer following an injury is that he or she will factor in all sorts of financial details when preparing your case. The financial figure in the suit will encompass more than just your lost wages and suffering—as long as you can provide records of other expenses that you've had because of the incident, your lawyer will do his or her best to ensure that you get compensated for them. When you've sustained a serious injury, it may be difficult to take care of your home as you normally do. If you've incurred these related expenses, be sure to track them.

House Cleaning

There's a certain degree of physicality that comes with cleaning a house. Not only are you dragging a vacuum around, but you're also climbing on stools and kneeling on the floor to dust and clean. If your injury is preventing you from doing these tasks, you shouldn't expect to have to suffer living in a dirty home. Instead, you'll likely want to hire a residential cleaner to visit regularly and ensure that your home meets your cleanliness standards. There's obviously an expense to doing so, which directly relates to your injury case.

Lawn Care

Pushing a lawnmower around your yard may also be out of the question if you've been injured. With a back injury, for example, the mechanics of pushing the heavy machine while leaning forward may be difficult or cause you considerably more pain. You don't want your yard to get overgrown in the weeks that you're recovering from the injury, so it's smart to hire a lawn care service—even if it's just a teenager from the neighborhood who can cut the grass and pull weeds once a week.

Handyman Services

Perhaps you're someone who has always done whatever work is needed around your home, from replacing windows to painting walls. You may not be able to perform these tasks after an injury. This isn't a time to start hiring contractors for work that you weren't anticipating doing, but if you were in the middle of a task prior to the injury and need it completed, you may need to hire someone. For example, if you were rebuilding the front porch, you can't have an unfinished porch for weeks or months as you recover. Forward any related receipts to your lawyer, explaining their significance, and he or she will factor them into your suit.