Have You Been Rejected by Social Security Disability?

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Have You Been Rejected by Social Security Disability?

Many people who file for disability benefits through social security are rejected. When this happens, you may feel like your options are few and that you will not be able to pay your bills. I have been working with social security on behalf of clients for many years, and I understand why certain applications for disability are rejected and what you can do to be approved. This blog will help you understand the process of assessing a disability claim and specific steps you can take to increase your chances of being approved for disability payments. When you are hurt and cannot work, you may need legal help to get disability payments. This blog can help.


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Purchasing A Home? Here Is Why You Need A Real Estate Attorney

If you're planning to purchase a home, this is probably a life-changing financial decision you're about to make. That said, the process can be daunting, and dealing with the many professionals throughout the deal can seem overwhelming. For example, you'll work with inspectors, appraisers, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents. While the law doesn't require you to hire an attorney for the transaction, you want to ensure you have one to help you achieve your best interests. You could be wrong if you think it isn't a great idea to work with a real estate lawyer. For example, buying or selling a property is a process that requires you not to miss anything critical throughout the process. Here's why you need a real estate attorney. 

Resolving Complicated Issues

When buying a home for the first time, chances are you're inexperienced with the process. Even if you understand everything involved, you can be sure to face a few challenges that require proper solutions. Such issues may include leaseholds, refinancing, the mortgage, and environmental matters. Sometimes handling such problems may not be as straightforward as many people may think. This is where a real estate attorney comes into play. 

Real estate attorneys have probably handled such issues in the past and have the experience to handle them when they occur. Whether interpreting laws and regulations or dealing with confusing paperwork, an attorney will help you accomplish everything as expected. When you don't understand some legal matters, a real estate attorney can help, ensuring the deal closes as expected. 

Helping You with Closing

Several professionals need to be present when closing the deal. These include the buyer, the seller, title closer, real estate broker, and lawyers from both sides. This event is muddled with legal jargon for both the buyer and the seller. The process can seem intimidating without a real estate attorney by your side, but it shouldn't if you have a legal advisor to represent your best interests. If you handle this alone, you'll be dealing with critical issues single-handedly, which you don't want to do. If closing doesn't occur, having a lawyer by your side is vital. 

Drafting Sales and Purchase Agreement 

Purchasing or selling any property is a serious business that should involve contract drafting and signing. Remember contracts are legal documents that must be understood before signing as they define both the seller's and buyer's rights, liabilities, and obligations. These are legal details that can solve conflicts when they arise. 

Buying a home can be an exciting experience, especially if everything goes as expected. If you want to avoid common pitfalls that property buyers face, ensure you consult a real estate attorney to guide you throughout the process. Reach out to a local firm like the Law Office of Steven Kurlander to get started.