Have You Been Rejected by Social Security Disability?

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Have You Been Rejected by Social Security Disability?

Many people who file for disability benefits through social security are rejected. When this happens, you may feel like your options are few and that you will not be able to pay your bills. I have been working with social security on behalf of clients for many years, and I understand why certain applications for disability are rejected and what you can do to be approved. This blog will help you understand the process of assessing a disability claim and specific steps you can take to increase your chances of being approved for disability payments. When you are hurt and cannot work, you may need legal help to get disability payments. This blog can help.


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Your Auto Accident Deposition: What To Expect

When a careless driver causes you injuries, you may need to take the case to trial. Some auto accidents settle outside of court, but some do not. In preparation for court, you will probably need to participate in a deposition. You can easily prepare for this experience by reading below.

What Is a Deposition?

Depositions are part of discovery. Discovery contains several actions such as information sharing, questions and answers, depositions, and more. The deposition is likely the pretrial action that involves you the most.

Victims of car accidents and other personal injury situations must give testimony about the accident and their medical treatment. Discovery helps both sides prepare for court by sharing evidence and witness lists. The deposition gives each side a preview of what to expect when the judge bangs the gavel to open court.

What Happens During a Deposition?

Depositions usually happen in conference rooms at law offices or courthouses. The lawyers, a court reporter, and witnesses are present at the deposition. Only the witness currently being questioned will be in the room, however.

Your personal injury lawyer will be with you at the deposition, and they will also prepare you for what to expect in terms of questioning. For instance, if the other side is questioning your current medical status, you can be ready to speak about that aspect of the case.

When it's your turn to give testimony, you will be called into the room and sworn in. The lawyer for the other driver will ask you questions about the case. They may begin by asking you general questions about yourself and your family. They will gradually focus on the accident and your injuries, however.

Being Prepared for the Deposition

You can do a lot to get ready for your deposition. Your preparation should begin with speaking with your lawyer. Your case should have settled outside of court, but there are probably specific issues that prevented that from happening. Those issues will be the focus of the deposition and the trial.

Review your medical records, the accident report, and your journal or notes about your treatment. That way, you can answer questions more confidently. However, you may bring your materials with you if you like. Your lawyer can do some practice sessions with you if you are feeling unsure about the deposition. Don't allow yourself to become flustered or confused during the questioning. Stay calm and only answer questions you know the answer to.

To find out more about an auto accident deposition, speak to a law office, such as the Law Office Of Timothy M. O'Donovan.